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Dogs at Stud

If you want to put a proven dog up for stud please send me the details.

Year Book

I have a limited edition, only 200 made of the F&M year book, 1966-88 for sale.

Signed by Cyril Tyson and Steve Butterworth.

One was sold recently for good money so any sensible offers welcome. This book is in perfect condition please txt 07743988726 for more details and I ll get back to you...thanks.


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For Sale.

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Waxed Leggings

Stud on and Pull on leggings made to length.

Double thickness knees if required.


Tel/Fax 01922 624504.

From £12.50 a pair.


I can highly recommend the stud on ones having used them for the last 15 years. Mick area rep.  

Taken from the hunting life site a great review of these leggings

Told they're good quality? Steff, I'm So glad this guy's still around and doing his thing! I KNOW his work is the absolute and utter Dogs B*llox!!! good.gif good.gif good.gif

I've just pulled out my reciept, from him, for the pair I'm wearing as I write this. Dated 27/10/03. Waxed Leggins. Cost me 14.25 delivered and I've Lived in them Every Day! They're my trade mark. I kneel in the most outrageous stuff. Have everything from Dogs leaping at me to goats rubbing their horns on and nutting me. I wander about through thick and thin. Without these things; No Way!

As far as I'm concerned, that man is GOD where wax wear's concerned! If I ever buy another pair off him, they'll be for a friend. Because these f***a's are obviously set to out last me! clapper.gif

F*** the rest: Go to The Best! " Weatherwear " of Walsall good.gif