Fell and Moorland WTC

Always remember your terriers

Area Show

The East Mids Annual Terrier and Lurcher Show , will be on 14th August 2016 at The Gate Hangs Well, Syston, Leicester.
Judging to start at 12.00.

Feb meeting

East Mids Area, Meeting Monday 1st Feb @ 7.30.
The Gate Hangs Well Syston.
bit of a talk for those who turn up.
Subs Due.

Xmas Raffle

Dear member,

This years Xmas Charity Auction/Raffle will be on December 20th from 8pm.

As usual we shall hold two raffles, one members only at £10 per ticket limited to 15 tickets, a second open raffle for anyone who wants to support the charity at £5 per ticket. You can buy as many of these as you would like.

The members is drawn first, after the First prize of a Locating collar and charger, and a second prize, yet to be decided, the Open raffle will be drawn. Again a Locating collar is first prize a second prize will be drawn for the open raffle, and then all remaining tickets will be put together.

Who will we be supporting?

This year we are supporting Help for Heroes.

Please try to come along, bring something for the auction/raffle.

If you can’t come but still want a ticket contact me.


I’d like to think that more of you would become proactive with the club and not just pay your money and not be heard of for another 12 months.

Supporters of last years Auction/Raffle.


The Gate Hangs Well, Syston. Donated a £30 meal http://www.thegatehangswellsyston.co.uk/


The Dining Rooms, Birstall. Donated a Two course meal for two.


Bulldog Shovels. Gave Two Rabbiting Spades.  http://www.bulldogtools.co.uk/construction/


Fish In Soggy Homes, Birstall. Complete Fish Tank. https://www.facebook.com/FriendsInSoggyHomes?ref=stream


Sally Mitchell Fine Arts, Newark. Limited Donated a Ltd Print. of a Jack Russell http://www.sallymitchell.com/


Fourteen Acres Trap Supplies, Gave a Copy of The World of the working terrier. http://www.fourteenacre.co.uk/


Glenwood Fine Arts, Birstall.  Donated a Mounted Hunting Print.


Natural World Pet supplies. Syston.  £20.00 voucher



Blue Moon Beauty Salon, Birstall. £15.00 Voucher



Real Art Tattoo Studio, Syston. One hours tattooing Voucher.



Lakeside Sporting Ltd, Wymeswold. One hour Fly Fishing Lesson.

Lakeside Sporting Ltd, Wymeswold. One hour’s Clay pigeon lesson



Photo shoot of your dog.  http://www.tiedephotography.co.uk/


Gambles & Hollis Butchers. Syston. Game Pie and Black Pudding.

Rutland Veterinary surgery, Uppingham.

Mr H Ketteringham (http://www.detectorland.co.uk ) donated 2 Shovels

Birstall Pet Supplies. Donated a wild bird feeder and dog food

Wanlip Garden Centre donated a Bowl of flowering plants.

Pest Busters

These people help us most years, please use their services when you can.


Our annual Xmas Charity Auction and Raffle, was well attended, thank you to all who came and helped support our efforts.

We were supporting the East Mids Air Ambulance.

We had a good night the Buffet was done a price by the Earl of Stamford and was much appreciated.

We were able to raise £350.00 for the Air Ambulance.


April Meeting

Next Meeting

The next meeting of our club shall be on 1st April at the Earl of Stamford. Birstall.

Rachel Bailey of AKNA dogs will be coming along to the meeting to give a talk.

Her expertise if not her entire life revolves around Dog Sledge racing, Huskies, Wolfdogs and Inuit dogs.

This woman is probably one of the best dog people in the country; she’s outspoken and doesn’t suffer fools.

She has been to Canada mushing in the Artic.

This will be a very good night.


Charity Auction

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the club will be on Saturday December 15th; this will be our annual Xmas Charity Auction and Raffle.

We are supporting the East Mids Air Ambulance this year, so come along and support this worthy cause.

There will be the usual two raffles, one for paid up members only, limited to one ticket each (only 20 tickets for this one) and the second for anyone as many tickets as you want. The main prize for each will be a New Bellman & Flint locator collar.

Please try to attend, and let me know if you are attending for catering. 

Try to get things from your local shops, gun shop, fishing shop, anywhere you can beg stuff from for the event.


There is an Etap hotel approx 1.5 miles from the pub, if you plan stopping over.

Contact Mick for more details.


2012 Show

This years show was on 09/09/2012 at The Gate Hangs Well public house, thanks to Mr Neil Henderson for allowing us there again and putting on a Bar B Q.

Terriers were Judged by Mr B Deakin, Mr B Meek judged the Entered Class.
Lurchers were judged by Mr R Sturgess, with Mr J Kimche  judging the Bull X's and           Mr S Alder judging the Working Lurcher.


East Mids Show

14th Aug 12.00pm

Gate Hangs Well



Terrier Lurcher and Bullx

Bar - B - Q


Enq 07736302853 


Monday 28th Feburary, Mr C Rees will be coming to give us a talk, there will be a supper as well.

Members donations, non members £ 5.00.

Contact Mick for more detalis.

The Help for Heroes night made £1,100.00 for the charity !! 

Yes thats right we handed over a cheque for £860.00 and £240.00 in cash.

A fantastic result from the lads and girls who came down.

A lot of bargins were had, a lot of happy faces ( could be the drink) and after the buffet a lot of the lads said they'd had a great night.

Charity Xmas Auction

This Year the East mids Charity Auction and Raffle will be in support of Help For Heroes.!!

At the Earl of Stamford, Birstall, Leicester.

December 3rd from 7.30pm.

We shall be having two Raffles, one for members only and one for non members.

both shall have a Bellman & Flint rechargable collar and charger.

Tickets will be £5.00 each.

Raffle Prizes

Bottle Wine

Bottle Whiskey

Gift vouchers (Natural World Pets)



Meat Voucher.

Ferret Box.


Some of the Lots so far.

Phone bids will be accepted up to thursday 2nd 23.59 hours, the day before the auction.

1/ Terrier Couple

2/ Bottle of Glenmorangie.

3/ Framed print of a Hare.

4/ Terrier Couple Large

5/ 3 DVD's ( the couples and DVD's from Black Dog Trading.Thanks Jim)

6/ Bulldog Border Spade (new)

7/ Fish tank (complete set up )

8/ Browning Fishing Reel Backfire640

9/A Days Driven Shooting in Leicestershire ( must have insurance CA or BASC etc)

10/ Nikko Sterling, Gold Crown 6 x 40 Scope.

11/ 20 Rabbit Snares

12/ Leather Cartridge Belt

13/ Bulldog Rabbiting Spade (new)

14/ 2 Fox Nets

15/ 10 Rabbit Purse Nets 3foot

16/ Peaked Cap Thinsulate.

17/ Round nose Shovel.

18/ Work them Hard Treat them like Heroes (Signed D Harcombe)

19/ Spade.

20/ Billhook.

21/ Mole Traps ( long handled)

22/ 12Months subcripton EDRD .

23/ Rat Traps

24/ Signed Ltd Edition Print ( Pickaxe)

25/  Round nose Shovel.

26/ Rabbit Trap

27/ Meal for two.

28/ Danner Snake boots (worth over £90.00)

29/ 2 Oval plates

30/ A Brace of oven ready Phesants

31/ Mole traps (short handled)

32/ Mole traps (barrel)

33/ Ltd Edition Malcom Coward Print ( Red Terrier )

34/ A days Hedge laying Tuition

35/ A days Dry Stone Walling tuition

36/ Two Gliding Sessions

37/ Darcy's new book on Stevens.

Will put things up as they come in.



Fell & Moorland WTC

East Mids.

Area Rep: Mick Flower

Phone 0773 6302853


Next Meeting 4th of October at the Earl of Stanford Birstall.


The meeting will be about organising our annual charity auction and raffle, who we shall be supporting etc.

As per the constitution of the club the post of rep will also be voted on. I am more than happy to continue if you want me to, anyone else who wants to take the job on put your name forward and if seconded it’ll go to a vote.


We’ll have a Quiz as well winner to get a prize.


There is an evening show in aid of Help For Heroes, being held on the 19th Nov, at the Marston Moretaine club, Marston Moretaine, Beds, MK43 0PW, all welcome, to start about 8pm, all proceeds to go to help for heroes.


Year Book at long last the year book is here!!!!!!! £6.00 +p&p


We moved the date and venue of out Area Show, to “The Gate Hangs Well “Public house on the Fosse Rd, Syston. On 15th August, the sun shone on us.

Many thanks to the stewards, Brad and Jodie. Other helpers Dale for doing the gate and Darren and Sarah for the cake stall.

Our sponsors Buttercup feeds, Pest busters and Sedgley Equestrian for there support. Please use these people if you need their services.



The meetings of the club will be at the Earl of Stanford pub Birstall 8.00pm  

 1st Monday in the month Feb. April. June. Aug .Oct. Dec.

We have a good bunch of lads turn up, we have talk’s etc. and food.


                                                                  YIS Mick


A Great Big thankyou to everyone that came along and made our first show at the gate such a sucsess.

Thank you to Mr M Cornthwaite , Terrier judge. Mr P Weaver Lurcher judge.

Dale (gate).

Brad ( terrier steward)

Jodie (lurcher steward)

Darren and Sarah (cake stall)

Buttercup feeds,  Pestbusters and Sedgeley Equestrian. our Sponsors.


The East Mids Show will now be held at

"The Gate Hangs Well" ,

Fosse way( the old A46)



Sunday 15th August.

Judging starts 1.00pm 

This Year we are again supporting Rainbows childrens Hospice.

The date will be 4th Dec a Friday night so you'll have no work on the next day. Come along and support us.

There will be an auction, two raffles one open and one for Fell and Moorland members only.

Prizes and auction lots will be put up later.

Thank you for all the people who came and made the night.

A Big Thanks to the people who donated to the auction, We made £550.00 for the Rainbows.

Bellman & Flint, Bulldog tools, Sally Mitchell Fine arts, Pestbusters. Quebec Farm Shoot, Kilbworth Gun shop, Birstall Garden Centre, Fish in Soggy Homes, Natural World Pets, Gamble & Hollis Butchers, Darcy Books, Grass roots Clothing.

09 Xmas Auction

This Year we are again supporting Rainbows childrens Hospice.

The date will be 4th Dec a Friday night so you'll have no work on the next day. Come along and support us.

There will be an auction, two raffles one open and one for Fell and Moorland members only.

Prizes and auction lots will be put up later.

Area Show

The area show was a great day again thanks you to all of you who came along and supported us.

When I arrived at the Globe I saw a number of caravans and a 40ft trailer where we usually , my heart sank, I knew that the land lord had double booked but he had told me that he’d clear one half of the field. I know he is getting paid by the Caravan club and the caravans use the field most of the year but this arrangement will not be acceptable next year.

Thank you to.

Mr J Smith and Mr D Mitchell just about cleared the board with their terriers.

Many Thanks to our judges Terriers were judged by Mr G Morgan and Mr S Hudson who travelled down from the lakes.

Lurchers were judged by Mrs P Taylor and Mr P Weaver.


The Digging Competition was entered by 5 pairs of lads there was some begging and borrowing of shovels .After a couple of minutes it became apparent that two of the pairs of lads had drawn a hard dry spot the other three seemed to be wetter and as such easier to dig.5 minuets in and two of the pairs were leaving the others behind with encouragement from the crowd. After Ten Minutes of hard digging the comp was won by Karl O’rielly and Lee (Roddy) Antony.

 Second were Ady Bennet and Mark Lester third was Russ Baker and Dean Marsh

2008 Xmas charity auction

For the 2008 Auction we of the East Mids have decided to Support the Childrens ward of the Warwick Hospital.

The Auction and Raffle will be on Dec 6th at Birstall United football clubs, clubhouse.7.30pm start. Buffet and Bar.

Lots that have come in so far are from .                                       

Sally Mitchell Fine Arts.

J, Darcy Books.

Duckdri clothing.

The Cottesmore Hunt.

Knight Wines.

Booze and News.

The Cotswolds Wildlife park, tickets.

Warwick Castle tickets.

Profesional Photgraphs of your dog.

Purse Nets.


Trapping Book.

Sacks of dog foods.


Donations from   Bellman and Flint.  D Knott.

To, be updated daily.

Contact M.Flower if you'd like to come along.

We made £500.00 for the Childrens ward.

Area Show

The East Mids Show was on 24th Aug 2008

At The Globe Inn

Snarestone Nr Measham


Fell and Moorland WTC Area Show 2008 results.


Lurcher puppy champion was Secret a bitch owned by Ms K Finch



Lurcher champion was Jester a bitch owned by Mr. P Henson.



Terrier Puppy champion went to Mr. M Pursal with??



Best Border was L, Vickers dog Judd

Best Jack Russell was Goblin owned by Mr. K Allen.

Best Fell was Murphy a dog owned by Mr. S. Lee this dog was also reserve champion.



Best Lakeland was owned by Mr. T Laughlin.



Best Cross bred was Tank owned by Mr. B Campbell

The F&M member’s class was won by Mr. B Campbell with Tank.

Best Terrier Couple was won by Mr. S Alders.



Champion terrier was won by Mr. Campbell’s Tank.



The Digging competition was won by Mr. I Person. of Notts.



Bullx Champion was Mr M Pursall's Charlie.


Thanks to ;

Our judges for a job well done. Mr P Jones (Lurchers and Bullx's) and Mr P Evans (Terriers)

Our sponsors Sedgley Equestrian and Pestbusters.

The Landlord Jonathan and the staff of the Globe.

pictures to follow. 


Terrier Match

We held a terrier match between ourselves, ( East Mids) the Home Counties F&M and the lads from the Rother Valley WTC.

There were some very good dogs there and Mr D Sykes did a good job judgeing the match.

Home counties won the match with the most points, we came second and one point behind us came the Rother Valley lads.

Home counties took the champion terrier on the night.

It was a succesfull night  for the lads who came and the bar did a good trade, as did our bar- b-q , good lads and a good craic.

We shall be holding another one.

Thank you to all of the people who helped make this years charity auction such a great success.


From Birstall, Leicester. 

Birstall Garden centre. Birstall DIY. Birstall Tanning. Glenwood’s fine arts. Booze and News, Shapes Hairdressing.The Earl of Stanford public house. 

The Red Circle Angling Club of Leicester. Bennett’s fishing tackle of Mountsorrel.  Vipans Hardware Leicester. Loughborough Shooting and Fishing centre. Lurcher link rescue. The Cottesmore Hunt. Cottesmore Hunt Supporters Club. Born to Hunt clothing. The Warrener. Bulldog Tools. Ben Reed Books. Strongstuff. Leicester Racecourse. Leicester City FC. Bellman & Flint. The Betty fold Galleries of Cumbria. Grassroots Clothing Leicestershire. Mr Jonathan Darcy author. Gamble & Hollis Butchers Syston. Mr David Hoskins. Mr G Sumner. Mr B Meek. Mr P Corbett. Mr & Mrs P Neal. If you can support these people when you need their services it will help them.


All the people who turned up, those who bid and brought lots. The staff at the Earl of Stamford Birstall for the buffet.


Espesial thanks to Sid Lee, Helen Sumner and Brad Meek for helping to get the lots together


Thanks to you we made £750.00 for the East Mids Air Ambulance,plus funds for the club.



07 Auction

This years auction is going to be raising funds for the East Mids Air Ambulance as well as the club.

It will be at the December Meeting, new and Non members welcome, if they are coming with some money in their pockets and wanting to have a good time !

We shall be having a raffle for a Bellman and Flint locator set! tickets £5.00 each. limited number of 60 tickets! so get yours early or on the night.

Auction has a number of lots already.

From Bulldog tools

Original painting 

A night for two at a 4 star pub, meal included. 


Dog food.

DVD's care of Arthur Carter and Warrener Productions.

Wine from Knight trade ltd

A day out with the Cottesmore.

Things for the ladies, Tanning and Hairdressing vouchers,

Day At Leicester Races.

More coming in daily


2007 Show.

The Area Show was again held at The Globe, Snarestone, Leicestershire.

The weather was kind as usual and the turn out of people was good.

Sid L had put up the signs and Paddy C gave the grass the once over with a mower, Brad M and Lance did the gate, Darren Stewarded the Terrier ring and Brian Steel did the lurchers.

Judges were  Mr Richard Lewis terriers and Mrs Margret Hague lurchers, many thanks to them.

The Champion dogs on the day were Terriers Flint a Black Xbred owned by Mr L Mcmannus



Lurcher Champion was Katie, owned by Mr S Wheelhouse.




The cheque being presented to the Macmillan nurses, by club members and the landlords.

Charity Auction/Xmas Party

This years xmas party was on Tuesday 5th December.

We supported the Macmillan Nurses.Cancer Charity.

We were looking to better last years do and have a better bigger Auction and Party.

Buffet supper. Beer .

I approached a number of companies and we received some great goods for the auction . 

Spade and fork, care of Bulldog.

DVD's from Arthur Carter. 

Terrier locator set from Debens

Collars from Strong Stuff

Ltd Edition Print from Sally Mitchell Fine Arts

Pictures, Leads, Clothes, Dog Chains and Anchors .

We had a two limited edition Prints.

A Complete Fish tank setup from Natural World Pets Syston

For the raffle there were Wine and spirits.


Rep of the Year 06

Thank you to my peers for voting me as the 06 Rep of the year.

Print this off and put it on the mantlepiece to keep the kid away from the fire !! Ha

I would like to thank all the people who attended this years show 06.

Especially our shows sponsors Sedgley Equestrian of Barwell Leicestershire.


Congratulations to the winners of the various classes, we hope to see you next year.


Derby,Notts & Lincs

As from the 1st of January 2006 the Derby,Lincs & Notts area will become part of the East Mids.

Gavin has given up being the rep due to work commitments and as noone else is willing to take on the mantle, the area has gone back to being part of the East Mids.

He will still be an active member helping with shows rescues etc where he's able to.

Thanks to him for the time and effort he has put in to the area.

All members can send subs to M.Flower. phone me for address. 

The plate and mug that we commissioned for our 40th anniversary. THIS IS NOW SOLD OUT.

This will be Plate number3 that we have produced 


Fell and Moorland East Mids, held an Auction/ Social event, for it's Dec 05 meeting.

The Auction was mainly Fieldsports oriented with Books, Nets, Shovels, etc. although there were other things that interested the ladies.( Vodka )

The monies raised was split between the Club and Rainbows Childrens Hospice. 

The meeting was at the Earl of Stamford, Birstall, Leicester.

Members and non members were present.


The above event raised £340.00 that was split between the club and a local Childrens Hospice.


A Cheque for £170.00 being presented to the Fundraising Manageress of Rainbows. A Very Big Thankyou to all who supported the event, the people who gave items to auction and the ones who came and helped make the event a great sucsess. 

Some of the Sponsers of the Event.

Wheelers of Loughborough. Birstall Garden Centre. Birstall DIY. Michael's the Butchers.J.Darcy. S.Whitehead. Loughborough Shooting Centre.Birstall Jewellers. to name a few.