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This section is for those of you who have used and tested something to it's full potetial and more.What do you think of these things ?

Do they do what they're supposed to?

Are they worth recommending to your fellow Terriermen/women ?


Bellman and Flint Locator

Here are a few items that all terriermen should have,

Locating collar

The Bellman and Flint collar

The Bellman and Flint locator box.

still checking that the reading is correct the old fashion way.

TT - Technical Specifications
Bellman and Flint have combined the knowledge gained from years of experience with world leaders in location transmitter electronics. This has enabled us to produce a product which incorporates revolutionary, state of the art features specifically for location.

Range: Maximum depth - Approximately 15m ( 50' ). Depending on soil conditions. Maximum Distance - Approximately 60m ( 198' ).Example: Transmitter is 3m ( 9 feet ) to ground and the receiver is approximately 50m ( 165 foot) from the mark. Screen will show 50m and a directional arrow.

Transmit field:  The signal can be received from any direction. Ie: Above, below or from the side.  Transmit field strength is constant over the entire battery lifetime.

Specification: Frequency: 457khz. To +20 degrees centigrade Transmit power:1.8 mA / m.

Battery Type:    CR2 3V Lithium photo battery. High performance in extreme temperatures: - 20 degrees Celsius to +60 degrees Celsius. Readily available.

Battery life:       90 hours on constantly. Over 90 hours when used in intervals of 2 û6 hours. Times are approximate and may vary depending on battery manufacturer.

 Switch: Internal magnetic On / Off switch. Allows the transmitter collar to be turned on and off without removing the battery. Hand held swipe magnet supplied. The battery will not discharge when the transmitter is turned off.

Battery change:  Four screws open the casing to allow access to the battery.

LED:   2 LED Lights ( green and red ). Visible through the casing. Flashing Green light indicates that the collar is on and transmitting. Red and Green together indicates 20 hours of battery life remaining. Red alone indicates approximately 10 hours remaining. ( Change battery ).

Casing:             Industrial Polycarbonate. Ergonomically designed to minimise snagging and holding.  Shockproof and waterproof. With integral loop. Size at largest points: 3" x 1.5" x 1.5". This is slightly larger than older systems, but has huge benefits in terms of signal strength and distance, as well as vastly increased battery life.

The Pieps DSP receiver has been recently developed using state of the art technology for the location and rescue of avalanche and landslide victims. The design of the receiver, its ease of use in stressful conditions, and the manufacturing quality are of the highest standards because it is a life saving device. Bellman and Flint have chosen the Pieps DSP to use with our specially designed transmitter due to its revolutionary specifications. The device is enhanced with the latest DSP technology ( = signal processing with a digital signal processor ). It is the only unit currently available which incorporates three antennas, enabling triangulation of the transmitter collar signal. This gives incredible accuracy of distance and depth.

Maximum Range: 60 metres, 195 feet ( digital evaluation ).

Transmission Frequency: 457 khz ( international standard                                       frequency ).

Power Supply:    3 batteries, alkaline ( AAA ). IEC-LR03,    1.5 volt. Readily available.

Battery lifetime: Minimum 200 hours in Send mode. Screen shows remaining battery life percentage.

Temperature Range:  - 20 degrees Celsius to + 45 degrees.      Weight:              198g ( including batteries ).

Dimensions ( LxWxH ):  116 x 75 x 27mm                    

Battery change:   One screw opens battery housing.

Screen: Shows distance in digital figures from 60m to 10cm. Only available in metric. To convert to feet multiply by 3 or read as yards. eg: 3m = 9' or 3 yards. Five arrows indicate the direction of the transmitter. ( Straight on, Left & Right ). Automatic backlighting in poor light conditions.

Acoustic beeper which changes frequency between 2m and 10cm. Symbol on screen indicates if more than one transmitter is activated.

Casing:  Brightly coloured for visibility. Shockproof and waterproof. Supplied with a nylon case and belt loop. 5 year guarantee.

TT. Retail Prices. April 2005.

TT Transmitter : £67.00 includes battery, and magnet for On/Off switch.          Pieps DSP Transceiver Box: £ 220.00 including batteries.


One Collar / Box set contains: 1 Receiver Box, 1 Transmitter,           1 Magnet, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Spare O-ring, 4 spare screws, 1 Transmitter battery, 4 box batteries, Belt pouch for box and full instructions. Total Price ( including UK next day delivery ) £ 293.00




Quantity Discount: -  POA.                                                                                     EU Countries - prices are including VAT and plus shipping. ( UK Next day delivery - £6.00 ). Non EU Countries including USA – Please contact us for special export prices


Individual Collar Parts:


Magnet:    £ 3.00                                                                    Biothane Collar:      £ 8.00                                                  Screwdriver:       £ 1.50                                                               Collar Batteries each: £ 4.00                                                          Box of Six collar batteries:  £ 21.00                                              Circuit Board:      £ 38.00                                                                                Casing:    £ 23.00                                                                    ( including stainless steel screws and O-ring ).                            Stainless Steel Screws x 4: £ 1.00                                                       O – Ring: £ 1.00 


Deben LRT

Long Range Terrier Finder
Rapid Location over 40ft

The NEW Long Range Terrier Finder has been designed to work to over 40ft (12m) distance. The collar is fully WATERPROOF, has a battery life of over 350 hrs and is switched On / Off by a magnet located in the tip of the hand held receiver so there is no need to remove the batteries after each time of use. The transmitter is fitted with a top quality leather collar which can easily be replaced when worn.

An LED display on the receiver indicates distance from the terrier and a varying pitch sounder increases in pitch, as the receiver approaches the collar. In search mode the range is over 40ft (12m) and in the locate mode the working range is between 10ft (3.5m) and 8inc (20cm) for ultra-accurate, ‘close-in’ location.

Improved Performance - Improved Reliability

The unique receiver circuit is designed both to detect the signal transmitted by the collar and to reject interference from elsewhere. The receiver has magnetic reed switches (no moving parts for improved reliability) which operate the on/off facility and a search/locate facility. Ultra-Efficient Electronic Circuitry means improved collar battery life of over 350 hours.

The compact designed collar fits neatly under the dog’s neck.

(note – although all Mk3 receivers will work with the LRT collar, the calibration will not be correct. All MK 3 receivers have been fitted with a magnet at the tip for magnetic switch on/off)

Deben Terrier Finder Mk 3

FE4503 Long Range Terrier Finder Mk3 Complete Set Hi-Vis £ 195.00
FE4515 Long Range Terrier Collar       £ 98.00
FE4519 Long Range Receiver   Hi-Vis £ 97.00
FE4525 Leather Collar Replacement       £ 4.95
BA7830 Spare Battery (receiver) PP3     £ 2.20
BA7800 CR2032 3v Lithium Battery (2 required)   £ 2.50

Digging Equipment. some useful things

 A round nosed shovel

good for digging through most types of soil.

 A Grafting spade with it's thinner blade it can slice through clays better than the round nose.


A long grafter , these are useful for chipping away at hard and stoney ground.

A bar can be useful if you are working rocky ground to leaver smaller stones and rock away.



Buy as good a pair of boots as you can afford.

A stout pair of waterproof boots will last you for years if you look after them.

Buy a pair with stitched on soles ,then you can have them resoled if you wear them out.