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Hello please take the time this.
Legal notice follows:
All contents of this Web Site are copyright ©
Fell & Moorland WTC All rights reserved. No portion of this Web Site may be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without prior written permission from Fell & Moorland WTC East Mids.
Photo use FAQ:
What do you mean by copyright?
It means that the photographs and all text on this site are the property of
Fell & Moorland WTC and cannot be used without permission.

Can I download the photographs/graphics?
You may download the photographs/graphics and store them on your own machine for your own personal use - e.g. as a desktop wallpaper. You are not allowed to download them onto a machine that you do not own, e.g. machines in a school, College, University, Library or Cybercafé etc., or load them onto a server.

Can I distribute the photographs/graphics? E.g. send a friend a copy by email
they are for your personal use only, they must not be distributed, loaned, hired or sold to anyone else.

Can I use your photography in a School/College project?
If you want to use the material in a school or college project, we would expect to be asked beforehand. In some cases we will give permission, provided that the project is non profit making and the project does not involve publication on the Web, or distribution or publication in any other medium.

Can I post the photos to Newsgroups?
You are not allowed to post the photos in Newsgroups, or any similar service.

Can the photographs/graphics be used on a CD-ROM?
You are not allowed to distribute them on any storage media.

Can the photographs be used in a screensaver?
The photos can be used to make a screensaver provided that the screensaver is for your own personal use. It must not be sold or distributed.

Can the photographs be used on a T-shirt, Mugs, Mouse mats etc.?
You do not have permission to use the photographs on any commercial product. 

Can the photographs be used on my Web page?
The material on the
Fell & Moorland WTC East Mids site can not be used on any other Web pages directly or indirectly without our permission.
This includes all icons and gifs you may see in posts.

If you advertise anything for sale or wanted.
All transactions are between buyer and seller not
Fell & Moorland WTC
you can contact your trading partner by private message/ phone or email.
If anything goes wrong with any private transaction we can not and will not become involved.
In the event of any legal action taken against trading partners we will assist in releasing both parties information to the police.

Trade advertisements.
If you advertise any item on here that is trade goods.
You must contact us first!

Regards Mick, (Admin)