Fell and Moorland WTC

Always remember your terriers



http://www.countryside-alliance.org.uk  The main fighters for our rights in the UK.


http://www.terrierwork.com/  The NWTF ( National Working Terrier Federation )


http://iwtf.ie/  The I.W.T.F. ( Irish Working Terrier Federation.) fighting for the Irish lads.


http://www.doglost.co.uk/default.asp  a group  dedicated to reuniting dogs and their owners.


www.bellmanandflint.co.uk The bellman and flint site where you can buy everything from locators to leads.


http://bulldogtools.co.uk/ All manner of the finest digging equipment, made in England.


http://www.northolm.co.uk/index.php suppliers of Dog health supplies and medicines.


http://www.rigequipment.co.uk/ Suppliers of Danner and other quality boots.   Tell Ray you saw this link , you should get some discount.


http://strong-stuff.mysite.orange.co.uk Collars and leads made to order, made from nylon webbing for strength and durability.


If you have a terrier related link you'd like putting up, please contact me.

Sally Mitchell Fine Arts.

Some great Terrier and Hunting Paintings and prints , get your Xmas order in with your other half.




Earth Dog Running Dog  Although not a link, this is the only magazine for Terriermen and Lurcher lads/lasses 

With articles on terrierwork from around the world as well as the UK, this is a must have for any dog man. It has articles on  Lurchers, Ferrets and Trapping as well as a Adverts etc.

Any new legislation is in there for you to read and learn, altogether a very welcome friend through the letterbox each month. 



Fieldfare  publish David Harcombes Books. The World of the Working Terrier and the little book that was talked about in Parliament. "Badger Digging With Terriers" an account of working dogs to badger before the Badger act. 


www.pakefieldferrets.co.uk. Simon Whitehead Ferreter/Pestcontroller . Does a very good Book and DVD


If you have a terrier related link you'd like putting up, please contact me.


www.thehuntinglife.com  A good forum with plenty of terrier active subjects. Has a shop on the site where you can buy J Darcy's books. Dig Deep Throw Well Back is a very good book well worth adding to your  list!


http://www.moochershunting.com  One of the first of the forums to start in the UK worth a look.


www.terrierman.com  An American site. Mr Burns, sometimes out spoken but prepared to put his head about the parapet, for others to shoot at. A lot of information here


http://s3.invisionfree.com/TOTAL_VERMIN_CONTROL/index.php a forum from Scotland.