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Stolen from reading

Pippa, Patterdale, aged 10 all black, rough coated with a grey muzzle and scarring to her chin.

Shammy, 10 years old female Patterdale cross border terrier, all black. Rough coated and slightly undershot.

Barley, entire male Patterdale all black aged 4. Slightly longer legged and short rough hair. He is Pippas son. 

Thanks very much for your time.

Mark Wye  


  5 year old, male, Jack Russell Terrier
Missing From Southfields Fm, Topham’s Plantation, Mavis Enderby. Adjacent to the public footpath, from wheelabout wood to Old Bolingbroke, Nr. Spilsby Lincolnshire Grid ref 36 65  (PE23)
Reward for return MUCH LOVED FAMILY


01790 763222

Do you have any information on the whereabouts of this dog?
Call DogLost in the strictest confidence on 0844 800 3220 quoting 21788

Very long shot.

Sharon lost a dog  border lakey  in county durham  15 months ago . the dog is chipped.

sharon 07746507441


Benji about 14"

Good news the Bitch turned up on the owners door step.

10 days after going missing!

She was filthy and had lost loads of weight .


Missing from Loddington in Northants. 18/03/09.

Spayed Jack Russell bitch, undocked

10.5 inch tts

predoninantly white. 

This is a pet.

Found Terrier.

One of of our members has caught a terrier.

There`s been a terrier living feral on some ground i shoot over for the last 14 months when i`v made any kind of approach it all way`s runs off.
Well today i managed to catch it. Now this Terrier could well be a lost Terrier or a stolen Terrier so im going to make an attempt to find its owner through a few different channels.
Now from experience and a visual inspection this Terrier has never been worked so it could well be some old woman's or child's pet??
So if you have lost a Terrier or know of anyone who has please contact mick with the description and i`ll see if it matches the one i have here.

So if you have lost a terrier 14 months ago contact Mick Flower on 07736302853

Stolen Dogs

The F&MWTC along with the RVWTC , NWTF and others is looking at the logistics of setting up a dog register, I will keep you all up to speed on this . Mick


black Terrier Patterdale, 5 years Dog - Missing from SN8. registered on

Whizz went missing from Rockley near Marlborough on the 12th January. Whizz is MICROCHIPPED and tagged and has been neutered. Please look out for him appearing in your area.

There is a £500 Reward on WHIZZ's safe return

07860 851900

Help us find WHIZZ Print this poster from http://www.doglost.co.uk/poster.asp?ID=12109

1000's of dogs are lost each year. Register your dog with www.doglost.co.uk today! or call 01302 743361

Info wanted

2 dogs stolen 29-11-2007. Border bitch red grizzle small type 7 year old split in tongue.
bronze patterdale dog smooth coat 3 years.They were stolen from Micks kennels at his house at Thurgoland, Barnsley, South Yorkshire.
Any info ring Mick on 07977710178.


Arthur Nixon

One of our members and a well respected Terrierman has had two dogs stolen by some thieveing little bugger.

At 14.00 today 26/09/08

1 A dog bull x russell 14" white with a black eye patch

2 A bitch all white with a tan ear again 14".

any info please contact any of the reps or arthur.

these scum were seen later this afternoon at another lads house in a black shogun and a white van 


Update On this the Pup Has Been Recovered and is back with Her Owner.

One of the Pennine members has had a 10 month old Black and Tan / Grizzle Lakeland bitch stolen from secure kennels on the 10 March. No other dogs were stolen or kennels broken into, so it seems she was stolen to order.

Any infomation contact the web site or phone N Newman or the Sec.

Stolen dogs

After losing 4 dogs two years ago terriers belonging to a very good friend of mine have been stolen from the Ennis area of Co.Clare

Six dogs in total, two of these belonging to me.

Two black pups 10 and a half months old
1 dog with a small white blaze approx 13 1/2 inch and a compact type and one bitch with a small white blaze smaller with a lighter build, they are litter mates.
1 small tri coloured bitch rough coat, short legged.
1 Black dog (pic attached from a couple of seasons ago)
1 black bitch with a white blaze 2 yr old she has a grey look to her jacket.
1 Russell bitch smooth jacket brown and white, leggy, signs of work.
I will post further details later lads, please if anybody hears or sees these dogs get in touch.

Any information please contact Mick 07736302853 thankyou.