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2018 Rescue

This was a rescue of Sue the terrier, She was trapped in a rock pile high above Keighley after a call out from the local keeper, She was trapped 19m deep. Terrier men came from far and wide to help get her out she was in for a a total amount of 5 days before she was pulled free. 
For full write up and more information on this rescue and much more great work done by the club purchase this years yearbook available this summer contact your local rep for more details.

Pip and Bracken rescue


Although the F&MWTC were there throughout, notice how the media gives us no credits.


Quarry rescue

A Report from the  rescuer.

I received a phone call yesterday saying a terrier was trapped in a local rock spot, John Tetley the area rep rang me saying do I no this place, I said yes an I myself being in the Fell an Moorland said I would go an investigate the situation,

I arrived at the working quarry to be met by the dogs owner, he had told me his son was out ferreting an his russell bitch had dropped to ground, he also said for the last day the fire brigade an mountain rescue had been there trying to dig , an they had also used cameras to see the dog but they could not, they had told him to leave the dog for 4 to 5 day to starve an hopefully it’ll get out it self.

So I had a look to see what I could do as I have had plenty of experience working rock pile s and I have many digs too in them. I listened an I said the dog is nowhere near where they have been digging so we started a fresh dig to which I reckoned the dog was, we move some really big rocks which had to be moved with bars, we slowly made progress .

By this time we was digging in the dark and is was really pissing it down, we dug into the early hours before we had to call it a day as it was caving in an we did not want to hurt the dog by anything falling on to her,

I arrived back at the site as it was getting light, to be met by the quarry owners an the dogs owner. the quarry owner said he would shut the place down for a day as we were digging at the side of the track to the quarry, as he didn’t want the trucks coming up an the road collapsing , a big thanks was said by the dog owner an me, we carried on were we left of an was making progress. we got near the dog an a mate of the dog owner came an the 3 of us lifted some more big rocks out, I move some more rubble an a crack appeared, the dog owners pal looked in the crack an said he could see the dog but a rock had fallen on his neck an that’s why the terrier could not get out. we moved the big rock which had trapped the dog with a bar, an out she came, an the look on the little lads face said it all for me as am sure I could see tears as he said he was not crying, the quarry owner arrived as we got the dog out an he said he will back fill the hole which was jolly good of him, after the big bulldozer had backfilled

We went down the road to the blokes house to have a brew an a bacon butt, thanks was said an he said he was going to donate to the fell an moorland for helping am glad I was able to help them as sometimes we all need a little help, seeing the lads face did it for me , happy days some pictures of the dig





South Wales rescue

Young Terrier Man Learning the Hard Way


By Callan Mears.


I am a sixteen year old lad who is relatively new to the terrier community; I have always listened and learned from all the experience Terrier Men in my local community here in the Rhondda Valley South Wales since buying my two Russel pups two years ago. I am writing this to tell of my recent experience of how the dog fraternity across both Wales and England came to my rescue in my hour of need.


As usual I was walking with my terriers around the mountains way above my village in Blaencwm in the Rhondda Valley, passing the waterfall the terrier picked up a scent and sped off down the mountain side screaming on a trail of what I guest was a fox I could not see as the Jack Russell were by now 200 metres in front of me disappearing over the edge of the mountain. After managing to catch up I came across an old Mine Level which had not been active for 50 years or more, thinking the dogs had gone to ground here I paused and listened at the 10inch wide opening leading into the level, just as I thought! The Baying and Screams of my two Russell’s they had run it aground. Waiting for hour after hour hoping my dogs would re appear, no phone in my pocket so I could not get help, no way of digging as the rock and boulders were to big I decided to light a fire knowing that my friend Barry knew I was walking the mountains and would be keeping an eye out, as Barry has taught me everything over the last couple of years, and he was not about to let me down now he spotted the smoke reached for his binoculars and saw me up on the rock face of the mountain,

Barry came up immediately sensing something was wrong. We did what we could until darkness fell over the mountain blocking the entrance hoping the dogs would be waiting on our return the following day. After speaking to the local terrier men I soon realised that it was not a good place for terriers to go and several people had dogs stuck for periods of 3 days to 2 weeks one commenting that he had lost a terrier there 20 years previous, 3 long days went by and still nothing by now no noise no whimpering nothing, I was residing myself to not seeing my treasured Russell’s, speaking on the phone to a friend of  mine and Barry’s up in England we explained the situation to Rod Smith who mentioned the Fell and Moorland Terrier Club who have a rescue service for their members. Rod made a few phone calls and it was not long before I received a phone call off Paul Beckinsale from the South Wales Region of the Fell and Moorland Terrier Club even though I am not a member it was only hours before Paul and his team travelled from Bridgend some 30 miles from my village to carry out an assessment of the situation and begin a rescue attempt, Paul and his team moved between 2 and 3 ton of rock and opened up the level entrance managing to locate the area where the dogs were at about 15 to 20 metres in. The Level soon narrowed down to 8 inches high and not knowing the geological structure of the roof it was decide it was not safe to risk life or limb. Paul Beckinsale then contacted Brecon Mountain Rescue who came out the following day they assessed the situation and decided it was now a job for the Brecon Cave Rescue Team who are a special group of volunteers that a trained specifically for rescuing lost people from cave networks and potholes across South Wales please let me tell you these people were amazing like ferrets down a rabbit warren digging, drilling and chiselling all in a space by now no more than 12 to 14 inches high after 4 hours of blood sweat and tears they manage to located the dogs stuck behind a large rock peering through a 2 inch crack. With the time now at 10-30pm in the Black of the night they opened up the crack by a further 3 inches before the batteries ran out on the power drills, we decided there was no more we could do that night and started to pull out of the level then there was a shout from the depths of the level dog! dog! We’ve got a dog my little bitch had manage to squeeze through the crack and she ran out in to my relieved arms I was over the moon and wept with joy.

The other dog was too big to follow but the Cave Rescue was confident they could return the next day and rescue the other dog.

True to their word the Cave Rescue were back the next day (day six) and within the hour out followed my other terrier, boy was I relieved we managed to find out how they had kept so much weight on during their days underground behind the crack laid one big dog fox who’s intestines had made a ready meal for my 2 Russell’s.


I would like to thank Fay and Barry who were there for me constantly also Rod Smith for all his advice and for putting me in touch with the Fell and Moorland Terrier Club.

Many thanks to Paul Beckinsale and his team from the Fell and Moorland Terrier Club of South Wales, who played a major part in the rescue and last but by no means least the Brecon Cave Rescue Team, who were unbelievable during the rescue.


This is one young man who has learned that we have many friends and people do care especially during times of trouble.


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart


Callan Mears    



under shed rescue

The small border terrier had got himself wedged underneath a neighbour’s shed which was full of logs. As well as hunting for their pet, the family also put a notice in the lost and found notices of today’s Shropshire Star.

Firefighters yesterday had to remove all the logs to get to the black and tan coloured dog through the floor boards.

Freddie the dog back with his owners Martin and Andrea ParrishOwner Martin Parrish, of Lower Pulley Lane, Bayston Hill, said Freddie was shaking and suffering from dehydration and toxic shock when he was pulled out.

Freddie, 18 months, had gone missing during a walk on Friday when he had run off with their other dog Pikey. Freddie, who is microchipped, was not rescued until 2.20pm yesterday.

Mr Parrish said it was unlike Freddie to disappear for more than five minutes and added he and his wife Andrea, 36, had searched all the fields around.

They even called out the Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club based in Cheshire to look for the missing pup on Sunday.

Mr Parrish, who is a director for St Kenelm Properties, said: “They walked all the fields and looked in every rabbit hole and badger set.

“They put down listening devices and if they had heard him down there, they would have applied to Defra for special permission to dig as badger setts are protected.”

The Red Watch crew that rescued Freddie. Picture: Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service.But Freddie failed to appear and the couple placed a missing advert for him on www.doglost.co.uk They received more than 203 hits.

People in Bayston Hill even printed out posters from the site to display Freddie’s picture around the village. Mr Parrish said: “When he still didn’t turn up, we thought he may have been stolen. We were absolutely heart broken.”

But then the couple had a phone call yesterday from a neighbour at Pulley Hall who said he had heard a noise under his shed.

Mr Parrish, 53, said: “My wife and I dug as much as we could but it was quite dangerous because the ground could have collapsed so we called the fire brigade who were fantastic.

“They had to cut through the shed floor and they got him out. He was filthy and dehydrated and he was shaking. He hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for four days.”

By Rebecca Lawrence

rescue 2006

We were contacted via http://www.doglost.co.uk/default.asp as a lady had lost her JR to ground and she was advised to contact us.

Our Home Counties rep sent some lads out to search for the dog.

Article from Cambs24

Terrier club saved my dog’s life

20 December 2006

WEB EDITORIAL - webdesk@herts24.co.uk
HEARTFELT thanks to the Home Counties region of the Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club for help in reuniting me with my Jack Russell terrier that had been missing for four days. The dog was either underground somewhere (rabbit holes or a land drain) or had disappeared into thin air.

I had tried various methods to find the dog - cameras up the land drain, the RSPCA/fire service and their listening equipment to no avail. I obtained the Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club contact details from the doglost.co.uk website, and they were my last hope.

Two terrier men left work early at very short notice so they could search in daylight. One of their dogs was very interested in a rabbit hole close to where I last saw my dog. The terrier men dug and dug in the pouring rain until we realised my dog could not be down there because of the narrowness of the tunnels.

By now it was nearly dark, so we called off the search for the night. Three terrier men returned to the field at first light the following morning, as promised, dug down into the land drain and found my missing dog, which was the best result ever.

I cannot thank them enough for their kindness, expertise and hard work in helping me get my dog back safely. Time was running out after four days and I had almost given up hope.

Anyone can become a member of the Fell and Moorland Working Terrier Club, and they will help anyone with a dog missing underground, and can be contacted on 01606 550005.

CLAIRE GRANT, Ford End, Alconbury


Doglost recieve a number of pleas for help each year from people who have lost dogs in rabbit holes or pipes, they are now going to link to us and put anyone who needs our help in touch with us.

The Sussex Area's first Rescue .

Here is a short report, The full report will be in the Year book.

I was contacted by a the Sec at tea time on 4th jan,he'd had a call from a non member who had lost a terrier to ground, could we help?

Well after a few phone calls a team were gathered and we met at the location.

The dog kept moving every time we thought that we had them pinpointed they moved. 

The pics were taken next morning as the dig started in the dark and we had no camera only spades. The first pic is the tree where we heard the dogs coming from rotten holes going down to the roots,
We dug on top the bank down to the roots and then they pissed off else where. We actually dug at least 20 holes as well as listening holes. The main holes were in a disused sett and then into rabbit holes we actually dug around 8 ft deep.
I don't think the pics did the work justice as they don't look that big, but believe me in some of the holes there was room for 4 to dig. Anyway I think in the last pic is the pipe we opened to find the rabbit hole going down and off to the right and at least 10 mtrs on is where they came out.



In the past the club has been contacted to help find lost dogs, that belong to Non members.

On one occasion a gentleman had lost a dog in a sandstone earth the dog could be heard working a fox but would not or could not come out.

The dog had been to ground for 3 days when we were contacted , I gave the gentleman advise as to how to attempt a rescue using tools and then started to get a team together for the next day.

At 18.00 on the 3rd day the gentleman's son broke through the sandstone using a kango chisel.the dog was retrieved safe and well if a little thinner.

The lads were told of this and were happy that the dog was safe and sound.